Lower back, Hips and glutes


Hip flexor stretch

This stretches the Psoas and Quadriceps. Very important for releasing hip tightness and mysterious lower back pain. 

Reclined Pigeon pose

This pose stretches the Piriformis and the Gluteal muscle. Practicing this stretch regularly can relieve pain caused by Sciatica and lower back tension.


Pigeon pose

This pose stretches the Glutes and Psoas muscle. This is a deep hip opener and can help with lower back and groin tension.

Half knee pile pose

This stretch is great for stretching your Hamstrings, Glutes and Calfs. This can relieve lower back and leg 


Seated forward fold

This stretches the hamstrings and the calf muscles. By releasing these muslces you can relieve leg cramps and lower back tension.

Wide forward fold

This stretches the adductor muscles, which can be very tight on some of my clients with tight hip flexors and  Quads. This is a hip opener.



Butterfly stretch

This stretches the Adductor muscles. Practicing this can relieve groin and hip tension. It can relieve lower back tension aswell.

Quad stretch

This stretches the 
Quadriceps. It can relieve back tension.